Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Analysis of magazine adverts

We have done some research on other student's and real examples of magazine adverts.

This is an example of a group of students' work from 2010.
We really like this image. The overlaying of images of swirls, music notes and the girl is extremely effective and creates a sensitive, romantic atmosphere. The colours, soft pinks and greys, also matches the romantic mood. The swirly, soft writing is effective, as well as the slight shadowing they used underneath it, reinforcing the band's name and song title.
As our video is a love song and is very romantic, we feel this kind of magazine advert would fit in well with our visual themes of colour/black and white, writing and love.
We have created a mood board with the kind of images we would like to use, and to test out our idea of overlaying images.

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