Monday, 14 November 2011

Our Final Music Video!

We feel our music video was a great success and turned out better than we had hoped it would. Our initial ideas did not happen the way we wanted due to timing issues and money, however we were able to successfully adapt our ideas to suit the deadlines and create a moving piece. One of our most successful ideas came by accident; Joe accidentally filmed Alannah in our test shots shakily and it was actually really effective, so we came up with the idea of using handheld cameras, like home videos, in our memory montage. We also thought of an alternative ending, which was that Alannah was running to Joe's house and was dramatically hit by a car, and the letter blew away, so Joe would never know she was going back to him. Unfortunately, we could not film this because of time constraints, and we also felt that this ending would over-dramatize the video and would be too obvious, as it would have included more running shots to build the tension.

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  1. Feedback on your music video - Aggie

    It is slow editing which is good as it suits the pace of the song.However some shots go on a bit too long at the start.

    Mise en Scene
    Really good use of lighting throughout the video with the dark lighting to represent to the present tense and the colourful lighting to reflect the happy memories.

    Also good use of location with both of the characters being in their seperate houses, it suggests they're in the same position.

    Camera Work
    Good use of close ups to portray emotion and reactions (to reading letter)on their faces.

    Also liked the use of long shots when you wanted to portray the romantic settings.

    Hand held camera was a good effect to use when trying to show the audience that you are looking at footage from a video camera of you both, it made the narrative more realistic.

    Creativity and Performance
    Really good acting from both of the characters throughout the music video.

    Goodwin's theory
    Good relation between music and visuals , and very good relation between lyrics and visuals, for instance when he is singing about 'words' and it shows a shot of her reading the letter. Also he sings about being 'alone' when he is on his own in his house.


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