Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Research into past students' work

We have chosen to analyse a previous students music video. This was also a love, romance alternative theme and there is a definite connection theme in this genre of music video. This music video is similar to ours in many areas such as the relationship between the couple and having a main male artist singing about their relationship. The pace of this music video is quite slow and has used soft colours which is the effect we used in our final video. The use of clips in the video show happy and sad memories between the couple and they have used many transitions such as soft fades to create that upsetting mood. The use of split screening that this group have used of the male and female is really effective as it is showing that the couple are in that same situation. The use of close up shot's are effective as the viewer can establish the emotion between the two leading roles. The use of colour scheme is similar to ours as whilst the video is showing the happy memories between the two couples the colours show a higher contrast and as soon as a sad memory is shown the colour's saturation fades into a darker colour so the viewer can connect with the mood they are feeling.

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