Monday, 19 September 2011

Initial ideas

After hearing the tracks for the first time, we have decided on our top three potential songs, with some initial ideas for videos:

1.) Adele - Lovesong
This song is a very slow, romantic song about someone who loves someone deepy and truly. The idea we have come up with is of a young woman going through the motions of her day - waking up, getting ready, walking to a cafe and waiting there - singing throughout the whole thing, as if she is thinking out loud about the one she loves. Towards the end, the man will come in, and they'll walk away laughing and talking - not "into the sunset", as that is very cliche, but just down the street - a normal, young couple in love. The colours will be black and white and will eventually fade to show bright, happy colours as the video progresses - showing the man brightens her life. The pace will be very slow and peaceful to match the song.

2.)  - Way Back Into Love
We picked this song as we liked the idea of a female and male duet. We thought it was unique from the other songs because of the duet. The song is telling a story of two people finding their way back into love. The idea we have come up with for this song is having a man and woman being separated at first and finally finding each other again. The video would contain flash backs of their memories together which would be created in the style of a dream. The colours would be soft and happy to match the song as the song has a lot of happy emotion. We would use symbolism in the music video for instance a necklace that the man once brought her. The  pace of this video would start off calm however as the video goes on the beat gets faster so the mood gets jollier towards as the couple reunite.

3.) Robert Godfrey - Letters
This song is an acoustic track about love and relationships, presenting a very soft melody throughout. The idea behind this song is to express the theme of romance to our intended audience. After establishing both the man and woman using the split screen technique through the editing process, we hope to highlight their contrasting unhappy lives through their facial expressions and unwilling movements. We will do this through a range of close ups and medium shots to clearly express their sadness and frustration. The scene will progress onto showing individual shots of the characters to allow the audience to see from an individual perspective how the characters behave and how things are beginning to brighten up. Again through the use of camera shots, but also following Goodwin's theory of linking the lyrics to the visuals, allowing the audience to understand how much love can affect a person. The final part of the song progresses to the reuniting of the couple, with the woman turning up at his door in the pouring rain, holding a letter that was sent to her. The letter and the whole concept of love written for someone sums up our music video and leaves it with a typical happy ending. The video will be set in very homely areas, where one would feel most comfortable, suggesting they are too hurt to leave their homes, however we will include montages of happy moments between the couple in more social areas, such as cafes and parks, to contrast the happyness with when they were together to the sadness of being apart. The artist's music, lyrics and concepts of love attract a female target audience, and we hope our video will almost resemble a movie scene from a love story and engage the audience into the narrative.

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