Wednesday, 28 September 2011


For our music video, we have decided to use a 1940s theme. Our inspiration for this is from a traditional romantic film, The Notebook. The Notebook is a well known film based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. In the film, a poor, passionate young man and a wealthy young woman, trapped by her strict parents, fall in love, and he helps give her a sense of freedom in the summer they spend together. However, they are separated by their social differences, but, despite the obstacles of her parents and new fiance, are reunited in the end.
The Notebook is a fairly predictable love story but is extremely well known and never fails to tug on audience's heartstrings. We hope to portray this kind of love story in our music video, using the 1940s theme in costumes and mise en scene. Typical outfits are playsuits and dresses, and undone shirts with vests and trousers. The girl's hair will be curled and clipped back, and the boy's will be slightly slicked back and parted.
This will link to Goodwin's Music Video Analysis as we will refer to the Notebook throughout our music video, using location ideas, such as the bicycle scene. Allie and Noah (the main characters) go on a bike ride together and it's an extremely romantic scene. We hope to use the Country Park in Milton to film this as it is a similar location.

Our scene in the rain is also inspired by The Notebook. One of the most famous scenes in film history is the raining scene when the pair kiss for the first time since being apart.

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