Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Target Audience Research

After studying our chosen song, the lyrics, and the image of the artist we were able to establish our intended target audience. The audience we are after, who we feel the song will appeal specifically to, are females, ranging ages from around 13 years old to women in their 40s. The reason for having such an age gap and why feel the music will appeal to a vast amount of women, is mainly due to the representation of the artist. His young look and music resembling love firstly appeal to younger girls as stereotypically they are more interested in love stories, therefore the message behind the lyrics and the romance within the music video will capture the younger generations attention. In terms of appealing to older women, it's more the message within the lyrics that they might find appealing, as the artist shows a good sense of maturity and passion with his music, therefore seen as impressive and ac-knowledgeable.

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