Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lyrics Analysis - 'Letters' by Robert Godfrey

The lyrics of the song we have chosen are typical of a romantic love song, with themes of being alone and writing letters, linking to the title of the song. To relate to the song, our video will also be typically romantic.
The lyrics highlight how the singer still loves her, but they are obviously alone and apart - "I love you, but I'm not close enough to be heard" and "You've been gone too long" show this.
The lyrics also show how the artist is dreaming of seeing her again - "I'm gonna walk out that door 'til my feet leave the floor, then I'll fly over shore 'til I see, you sitting down over there with your windswept brown hair writing letters, just for me" shows that he wants to be with her again. This line also introduces the theme of writing love letters. The theme of letters is shown again when it says "send this away in the red box today".
The lyrics are also very strong in showing how much the artist loves this woman - "I'll give you my soul, just to keep your control and I'll watch over you from above" are very intense lyrics, and shows that he would do anything to keep her with him.
Overall, the lyrics powerfully display the artists' feelings for this woman, and we hope to convey these strong emotions in a romantic music video.

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