Monday, 3 October 2011

Artist Construction Task

Giuseppe Acanfora
The image we are trying to construct is a romantic, sensitive teenage heartthrob – one for the girls to lust over. Giuseppe Acanfora is tall, dark and handsome – the stereotypical love song artist. Our style icon is Enrique Iglesias – a well-known artist that oozes sex appeal and is very popular. Enrique is well known for his smouldering eyes and the pout – a factor we will incorporate into our magazine cover. These factors will all appeal to our target audience of teenage girls.
We will use the natural location of the woodland area on site to add to the natural effect of the cover. It will also make the cover more mysterious, appealing to our target audience. He will wear a shirt with a low cut white top underneath with a wooden necklace – a stereotypical outfit of a pop solo artist. The image with Giuseppe in the centre of the frame will give the idea that he is independent and alone which will appeal to the female audience. Our photograph will be a close up to sell the artist. Close ups are typical of the pop genre as it shows off the artist’s looks and style. It reveals the artist’s thoughts and emotions on camera to establish the type of music he plays and what they revolve around. The pose will be looking away from the camera into the distance, as if he is in a trance, which will add to the mystery of the artist and leave the audience wanting more.
Our genre is pop and our choices relate to the genre of pop as they are quite stereotypical for a male solo artist. The styling of quite a simple shirt and necklace is a typical style for a male artist – the simplicity of the outfit shows he is not trying too hard and highlights his independence. The whole background and styling is not too outrageous which links to our genre as Pop is never very extreme in styling – it is normally natural and on trend. The whole image will create the romantic atmosphere we want to establish the artist and sell the song.

Practise Moodboard for magazine ad:

Magazine ad (practise):

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