Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Enrique Iglesias - Hero Music Video

Another source of inspiration is the romantic music video for Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

The colour scheme for our music video will be something similar to the hero music video - lots of gold, pink and sepia tones which we will edit into using Colour Correction in Final Cut.
These colours are traditionally used in romantic scenes of movies and music videos, and we feel would fit into our story well and add to the sensitive atmosphere. The colours also relate to a sunset - a traditionally romantic setting. The shots and framing are also very similar to what we hope to use in our music video. The majority of shots are close ups/medium close ups to easily convey the emotions the characters are feeling. The framing usually puts the couple/character in the centre, to make them the main point of focus.

Goodwin's Analysis of 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias.
1. Genre characteristics: the music video tells a story of a couple in love which is a characteristic of a love song's music video.
2. The lyrics are illustrative, for example when he says 'touch your lips' they kiss in the music video, and when he says 'kiss away the pain' he is kissing her body.
3. The relationship between the music and visuals is illustrative, as there are moments where the villain in the story is playing the piano to match the music.
4. There are many close ups of Enrique in this video, and he is also a character in the story, making his emotions genuine. His direct role in the music video makes him easier to relate to for audiences.
5. There are notions of looking in this music video. Enrique continuously looks at the camera, straight at the audience, again making his emotions more genuine.

Adele - Someone Like You (music video)

Adele's Someone Like You is one of the most famous songs at the moment, well known for addressing pain and love. We'd like our video to convey these strong emotions, and have decided to try the idea of using black and white in our video in the present scenes to convey pain, similar to Adele's music video. Black and white makes the video a lot simpler, highlighting the emotion even more. The dark tones add to the overall atmosphere of the scene. The difference in colours will also highlight the difference in times between the montage of the past memories, and the present - making the video much clearer for our audience. Adele's video also has a slightly blurred edge - we need to experiment with effects to see if this would fit in with our video. Many close ups of Adele show her strong, painful emotions. We would like to follow Alannah on her walk to Joe's house, and hope we can do this as tastefully as Adele's video.

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