Monday, 3 October 2011

Mercury Music Prize Task

Katy B
1.)         From this image her appearance gives her a certain sex appeal towards both genders, in the sense that her red lips and long wavy hair give the connotations of a femme fatal, which appeals more to men, where as the overall image gives a more inspirational sense to women as they may aim to be like her. The photo is a close up of Katy, only showing her face and shoulders. This represents her as an individual artist, with the focus entirely on her. The contrast of the black and white background to Katy’s striking red hair and colourful image also establishes her as unique, and potentially brightening up the music industry. Her colourful image also establishes the pop genre of music she plays as bright colours and pictures are typical in the pop world.

2.)         This music video is totally representative of the pop genre Katy B displays. It is typical of her image as it mainly consists of sexy dancing and references to the bedroom. The flickering lights and quick camera shots allow people to stay hooked on her as they establish and represent her image. The images and lyrics link well in the video as her exotic style of dancing merges with the lyrics about getting with boys and increases the general sex appeal on her. There is a consistent use of close ups to represent Katy B showing her as the main focus in the video, allowing all eyes to be on her. There is a frequent notion of eye contact towards the camera, as if she is looking directly at the people watching. Again, particularly towards the male audience, it gives off a sexual vibe that keeps them glued to the screen. The voyeuristic treatment of women’s body is typical of Goodwin’s music video analysis.
3.) The popstar Katy B was born on the 21st of May 1989. She was born in Peckham in South London. Katy B was offered major label deals in 2009 and released her first single in 2010.  She was nominated for the mercury prize 2011

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