Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Genre Conventions Research

- The story is focused mainly on the development of a romantic relationship between two characters. Our video will concentrate on the relationship of Joe and Alannah as they decide to get back together. 
- There is a 'Happily Ever After' - usually resulting in the couple back together/finally getting together. In our music video, it will be a happy ending because the couple are reunited. The tension will build over the course of the video as Joe waits for news from Alannah, in reply to his letter which she reads throughout. 

Main elements of romance films/music videos/novels:
Conflict - There is usually a central conflict that divides the lovers. In our video, the conflict is unknown to the audience yet it is clear there was one in the past which split the pair in the first place.
Growth - Throughout the video, the characters are expected to grow - so the audience can find them more interesting and relate to them. Throughout our video, our story will become clearer and more defined and (thanks to close ups) the audience will be able to identify the emotions of the characters to make the story more understandable.
Resolution - Problems between the two are usually resolved and leave the audience satisfied. Our music video has a clear resolution at the end, as the two reunite. Audiences aren't usually satisfied if the reunion seems superficial, and not 'permanent and deep', so we hope to convey the emotions of our characters in a serious, realistic way using different shots and framing.

An example of 'Happily Ever After' is in the film The Notebook, one of our main inspirations. The conflict is that her parents do not want them to be together, and she moves away after the summer and gets engaged. It follows the characters growing up and the audience becomes more deeply involved in their turmoil. The film is resolved as the couple reunite at the end and realise how they are always meant to be together.

The Notebook - the couple, as adults, falling back in love (resolution)

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