Monday, 3 October 2011

Location Report

We will film in Milton Country Park for the majority of our music video, for the memory/fantasy scenes set in the 1940s. We will use the green in the park for the picnic and "bike ride".  This location is very romantic and natural and will fit in easily with our ideas for the romantic, sensitive song.
We will also film in Alannah's house for the shots of her reading the letter, and in Milton for the walking scenes. Locations such as the kitchen and bedroom to read the letter make the video more personal and relatable for our target audiences - the majority of which will be young women.
We will also use Joe's house for the shots of him on guitar and for the reunion of the couple.

Using the two different houses and the streets throughout Milton will add to the separation of the couple, and make the video more realistic. All of these locations fit in perfectly with our story and help to create the poetic atmosphere and helps the continuity of the video.

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