Sunday, 30 October 2011

Film Diary

First day of filming (Monday):
So far, our filming has gone really well and mostly as we planned. We have finished the shots of Alannah in her house and her walking/running shots. We also finished the shots of Alannah and Joe's 'memory montage', which was in the country park in Milton. The outside shots were a bit difficult as we had to wait for the public to walk past, but eventually our shots were finished and as we had hoped. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to finish the running shots outside (for when Alannah gets to Joe's house) as the light had gone, and to keep the continuity in our video we could not carry on, but will film these shots at the same time as to get the same light.

Second day of filming (Tuesday):
Today we finished filming all of our shots and we feel it was really successful. We finished the shots of Alannah running outside and they were succesful as the lighting was the same. Alannah also made sure to wear the same outfits, hair etc as to keep the continuity. The shots of Joe also went really well. We had to swap locations a few times in his house to get the right lighting but eventually we decided on the shots and framing, such as him on the sofa and by the window looking out into the distance, and these shots worked really well. We also finished the shots of Alannah and Joe's reunion, and decided the best ending would be the camera slowly moving upwards from Alannah and Joe hugging to the sky. After trying this a few times due to camera shake, the shot was eventually finished and was really effective. It was the perfect ending to our romantic video and we think our shooting was very successful, and hopefully we will not need any emergency filming.

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