Monday, 3 October 2011

Pitch Presentation

The concept of our music video is to express the romance within the song.
We will achieve this by having our music video resemble a love scene from a film between two people.
We want to establish him as an alternative artist, using our music video, digipak and magazine advert to sell the album. 
We also want to establish the artist individually as a love song writer, who’s music appeals generally to women.
Music Promo Video
It will include montages of both people, including shots on their own – possibly singing along to the lyrics, as if they are both thinking out loud about each other.
There will also be shots of the couple together, for example walking together, or cuddled up on the sofa laughing.
There will also be footage of the artist on his guitar singing, so we can make sure he is established as a romantic man.
The lighting will include soft, pure colours, such as whites and blues, to match the genre of music video.


          Our digipak’s design will incorporate the ideas from the main song of the album (the one used in our music video) to establish his identity to our audience. We want to create a romantic, sensitive image for our artist. Our digipak’s front cover will be of the artist himself, holding his guitar. The spine will include his name and the album name – “Letters”, which links to our music promo video. The back will include the rest of the song titles for the album, and have them written as if they were a list on a letter, similar to the image below. This all links in with the title of the album and sells the whole image of the artist. The colours we will use will be soft, pure colours such as white and blue – also linking to our music promo video.  

Magazine Advert
Our magazine advert will consist of a shot of our artist looking away from the camera behind pretty scenery to immediately highlight his style of genre.
It will include very light, pure colour, such as pinks and blues (potential horizon background) to connote the theme of love.
The magazine advert will include the image of the artist, the name of the album, a quote about the artist, the release date, and the website.
Potentially camera shots include close ups, medium shots or establishing shots.  
Target Audience
As our artist’s music is very romantic, and the songs relate to the theme of love, our intended target audience is women as we feel the style of our music video will appeal more.
Through following Goodwin’s theory, we will utilize the link of lyrics to visuals by presenting it in the style of a scene from a romantic film. This is to allow our audience to stay hooked to the video, following it as if it were a story.
Our video conforms to the typical narrative you would find in a romantic film, with a happy ending, leaving our audience with a smile on their face.

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