Monday, 3 October 2011

Final Idea

After recieving feedback for our pitch, we have decided to add a more romantic setting and theme to our music video, and slightly change the shots and 'flashbacks' so the video can be more understandable. We have also decided to not use the 1940s theme for the dream/memories as we have too little time to find the right resources to make the idea successful.
The music video will follow our couple as they lead separate lives as well as their reunion, thanks to the letter Joe has written to Alannah.
The video will start with shots of Alannah walking through her house in a modern setting reading a letter, with a melancholy look on her face. The shots will be a variety of medium close ups and close ups, to clearly display the emotion on her face. Joe will then be introduced with medium close ups of him playing his guitar and singing the lyrics of the song. Alannah will be leaning in an extreme close up against her front door, clearly in turmoil about whether or not to go out, interlaced with shots of Joe sitting down, looking anxious and worried. It will then become clear that the two characters and the letter are linked.
Alannah will then leave her house and walk down streets, still reading the letter. She will keep turning back (through a series of long shots/medium close ups) - clearly undecided about whether or not to keep walking.
Memories are then clearly shown as the two are clearly thinking, as Alannah walks down the street and Joe looking out his window. Shots will be shown of the couple in traditionally romantic scenes, such as picnics and riding bikes together. We also have decided to use the idea of a handheld camera as if the two are videoing each other. This is quite a traditionally romantic idea. We intend to edit these shots with a slightly fuzzy quality and pinkish overtones to show it's clearly a dream/flashback.
Alannah then looks at the letter and pauses, looking back between her house and the direction she's walking in, unsure about what to do, and this is the key moment where she decides to definitely go to her lover and she starts running. Shots of her running will still be interlaced with shots of Joe anxiously walking around his house.
In this last section of the video, Joe opens the door and Alannah is there, holding the letter and smiling. The two will then hug and cheer, laughing in the driveway of Joe's house. We were hoping to conclude the video in the rain - a traditional characteristic of the romantic genre - however some of our feedback said it may be hard to do that with the unpredictable weather. We will still try to achieve this last scene in the rain, yet we still feel it will be effective without it, so we will do test shots without the rain.

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